Shipping agency services

Specializing in providing shipping agency services for ships transporting crude oil and ships transporting petrol, oil and LPG products. In addition, we also provide a number of other services including: changing crew members, providing materials and equipment for ships, providing fuel, food, fresh water, … and some other services. relate to.

In recent years, PVTrans Quang Ngai is the largest shipping agency service provider in Dung Quat port area and other ports in the Central region. More than 95% of crude oil tankers and over 65% of product oil and LPG tankers of Dung Quat Oil Refinery are made by us. Services provided by us always ensure competitive prices, absolute safety and on schedule requirements of ship owners.

Every year, we provide shipping agency services for nearly 100 crude oil tankers, more than 800 product tankers in Dung Quat and more than 300 ships in other ports in the Central region.

With a team of professional agents, dedicated, professional ethics, always gives customers the highest satisfaction in the process of providing services.

Some photos provided service: